Are we becoming Information Rich, but Knowledge Poor

The echo chamber is one of the more surprising evolutions of our connected age. It is defined as a virtual digital-social arena which enables anyone with to present and amplify their views with other like-minded individuals without obstruction. Within this chamber, continuous repetition of these ideas bounce off of and reinforce each other at an exponential pace. The amplitude of the echo grows drowning out non-conforming or dissenting views, tending toward creating a single, potentially polarizing point of view about a specific issue or a topic.

Use this simple algebraic formula to become more successful in 2017.

Sometimes leadership lessons come from the most unexpected places. While leadership fads come and go, a few timeless pieces resonate with their simplicity and pragmatism.

One such piece of advice comes from Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) World Champion, Frank Shamrock. It outlines a simple mental model we can all use to become more successful in work, and in life.

According to Mr. Shamrock, we all need a mindset of a plus, a minus, and an equal.

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