Which burger would you prefer to eat?

One that says it has 75% less fat or an identical one that says it has 25% fat. Most would choose the one with the 75% less fat.  What’s more is that we might even be tempted to say that it tastes better! Even though we might not be conscious about most of them, we make up to 200 decisions every day just about simple … Continue reading Which burger would you prefer to eat?

The seductive illusion of choice

“You can have any car you want, as long as it is black” – Henry Ford These famous words by Henry Ford in 1942 exemplified the industrial age, during which innovations in automation drove unprecedented advances in mass production, making it possible for to manufacture products that were once too complex and expensive, and deliver them to scale for the masses at an affordable price. … Continue reading The seductive illusion of choice

Will 2014 herald the end of the $9.99 deal?

Like many of us during the holidays, it was hard to escape the shopping frenzy stimulated and supercharged by big  BLOW OUT SALE banners,  provocative advertisements touting Deals of the Year, and creative promotions supported by huge discounts. Popular media reported breathlessly how salivating consumers braved inclement weather, traffic snarls, aggressive crowds, pesky relatives, and overworked sales staff to buy, buy, and then buy more some more. For decades, consumer brands … Continue reading Will 2014 herald the end of the $9.99 deal?