Use this simple algebraic formula to become more successful in 2017.

Sometimes leadership lessons come from the most unexpected places. While leadership fads come and go, a few timeless pieces resonate with their simplicity and pragmatism.

One such piece of advice comes from  Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) World Champion, Frank Shamrock. It outlines a simple mental model we can all use to become more successful in work, and in life.

According to Mr. Shamrock, we all need a mindset of  a plus, a minus, and an equal.

A plus mindset means that we should always aspire to learn from others who are better than us. The plus mindset requires us to be humble and remain grounded –  to recognize that regardless of how much we know, that we don’t know everything. It fuels the continuous curiosity to seek more knowledge.

A minus mindset is one in which we should take personal responsibility in teaching others what we know so they can become better. Furthermore, the very act of teaching compels us to to simplify our communication,  which happens only when we fully master a topic.

And finally, an equal mindset is one in which we should strive to collaborate with others across multi-disciplinary initiatives, particularly with those who might be just as accomplished as we are in our own craft . This deepens our critical thinking and leads to new possibilities that you might never discover on your own.


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