Are you “Buzz”worthy? Out with the Old, Ring in the New

Used correctly, buzzwords can engage audiences, differentiate messages, or even spark new ideas. However,  as any warm-blooded marketer knows, misplaced and misused buzzwords can back-fire, wreaking cringe-worthy effects on your intended audiences.

Here is a list of the top 10 marketing buzzwords that we all once loved and have at some point used with abandon (guilty as charged), but  I’d like to see retired ( or considerably minimized)  in 2012.

10. Value – as in “Value Proposition, Value Added, Value Oriented”.. 

9.  Paradigm – as in “Paradigm – Shift, New Paradigm”

8. Solution –  ” complete/comprehensive solution.” or “we’re dont just offer products, we offer solutions”

7. Leapfrog –  or any variation of “leap” or “frog”  (like the boiled frog example) for that matter.

6. Customer Centric –  Which successful business isnt?

5. Seamless, Integrated, frictionless – Ok, these are three words, but they are often used in a similar context. Also, used in different combinations with #8.

4. Context – A politicians favorite, used especially when one doesnt really know how to describe something in specifics, or avoid answering a question, so you “broaden,  change the context or say that something is out of context”

3. Game-changer – I love sports analogies as much as the next guy, but ouch, this one really hurts!. What game are we playing again?

2. ROI/TCO – See #10 -“Value”, rinse-and-repeat with #5.

1. Anything 2.0, or 3.0, or “x”.0: Usually used when someone wants to “change the game”, or better yet, “leapfrog” the competition.

Any others you want to add to the list?

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